Links and Friends

Golden Trout by Joel DeJong of "A Year on the Fly"
Here is a list of of links to websites I frequent and read, shops, etc., there is no particular order. If you want to add your website or blog, please send me a message through the "contact me" page.

Tenkara Resources, Blogs, Forums & Shops
Tenkara Bum
Tenkara Fisher
Tenkara Guides LLC
Tenkara USA
TrailLite Designs (Ebira, Ti Net, etc.)
Fountainhead Tenkara Rods & Fountainhead Leaders
Streamside Tenkara Leaders
Colorado Tenkara Anglers on Facebook
Tenkara Resources Group on Facebook
UK Tenkara Forum
Fishing with Style
The Tenkara Guide Daily
My Best Streams - Traditional Japanese Fly Tenkara
Tenkara Sverige (in Swedish)
American Sakasa Kebari
Casting Around
Monituer-guide de peche au pays Basque (in French)
Lean Tenkara
Tenkara Adventurer
Tenkara Grasshopper
Tenkara Rising
The North River
North River Flies
Tenkara Fly Fishing
Tenkara Elevated
Tenkara Talk
Tenkara Tippets
Tenkara Tracks
Tenkara USA Blog
Teton Tenkara
The North River
Tenkara Adventurer
Tenkarabum Blog
Discover Tenkara
Learn Tenkara
Tenkara Journey
Tenkara Life
Tenkara Stream X
Tenkara Takes Manhattan
Tenkara Weekly
Tenkara-No-Oni (in English)
The Tenkara Times
Mosqueando en las Sierras Tenkara
Tenkara Style (in Russian)
Tenkara Normandie (in French)
Tenkara Pyrenees (in French)
Tenkara Fly Shop
Tenkara Wisconsin
Tenkara Tales

Fly Fishing Resources, Forums, Shops & other cool sites
Donald Nicholson - Historical Wet Fly and Spider Pattern Site
A Fly Fishing Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park
Fly Anglers Online
Global Fly Fisher
Hatches Magazine
Hook Fly Fishing, Highland Ranch, Co - my local shop around the corner
Outdoor Blogger Network
TU Cutthroat Chapter
Flymphs, Soft-Hackles & Spiders
Charlie's Flybox
Fly Tying Clips
Front Range Anglers
Thom Glace Water Colors
Your Bass Guy

Fly Fishing Blogs
Arizona Wanderings
A Year on the Fly
Eclectic Guy
Fly and Fin
Fly Fishing in South Wales
Hatches Magazine Blog
The Fiberglass Manifesto
The Fly Line
The Hopper Juan
The Jersey Angler
The Search for Native Salmonids
The Troutunderground
This River is Wild
Tsurune on Fly Fishing
La Pesca a Mosca Valsesiana
Trash Flies Blog
North Country Angler
Owl Jones
Poudre Canyon Chronicles
Reversed Parachutes
Ricks Reel Adventures
Small Fly Funk
Small Stream Reflections
I Heart the Fly
The River is Wild
The River Damsel
The African Fly Angler
Moldy Chum
Fly Fish Addiction
Fly Fishing in Yellowstone
Dub the Thorax
Four Seasons Angling Club
Fishing Through Life
Reversed Parachutes
Dances with Trout

Also, please see my blog roll on the home page for more fly fishing and outdoor blogs.

I am not affiliated with any of the websites, shops, blogs listed, however some of them have provided discounted or free gear review in the past.