Friday, October 8, 2010

My Equipment and Accessories

If you are like me, Western Fly Fishing made me a accessory junkie. Subscribing to Tenkara, I am trying to scale down to the necessary basics.  This post is about my "current" setup which seems to change from week to week as I still look for that one thing that is missing or a better and more efficient setup or another bag.

Oh boy, old habits are difficult to get rid of, I guess.

Anyway, my current Tenkara setup consists of

an old over the shoulder bag with:
lanyard with:
  • forceps
  • nippers
  • spools of tippet (5x & 6x, both mono and fc as well as some 3x to extend line if necessary)
  • absorbent fabric to dry your flies before treating w/floatant
wading belt with:
and sometimes a quiver (well, really just a converted rod sock).
And of course, a Tenkara rod or two.
Depending on the weather and season, I user waders in the cooler months and wet wade in the Summer. In both instances, I wear my rubber soled wading boots to minimize the spread of invasive species (i.e zebra mussels, dydimo, whirling disease, etc). If wading wet, I do wear neoprene socks. A hat, sun glasses & sun screen is standard fare here in the Rocky Mountains. I typically fish at altitudes of 6700ft and up and the sun is pretty intense up here.

Wow, suddently the whole minimalistic approach is not that minimalistic. Sometimes I wonder whether reducing the amount of fly boxes I am carrying is all I was able to simplify.

I guess there is more work to be done here.

Stay tuned & tight lines!