In the Works in no particular order:
  • Streamside Mystic Creek Tenkara Leader
  • Fountainhead Caddis 330
  • TenkaraUSA Tamo
  • Streamworks Waterproof Fly Box Foam/Magnetic Combo
  • Patagonia's Sun Gloves
  • High UV Buff Headwear
  • TenkaraUSA Ito 13'-14'7"
  • Tenkara-Fishing 300 rod


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Thanks to OBN, sun protection for your head.
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Improved Trico Pack
The improved Trico Pack of
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A new entry level & economy tenkara rod.
Posted Dec. 5, 2010

A Whole New Bag Baby!
Are you joking me? A fanny pack?
Posted Nov. 16, 2010