Sunday, July 14, 2013

North St. Vrain on Bastille Day 2013

My wife was flying today back to Atlanta to pick-up our daughter from "Camp Grandmere" and had to be dropped off by 6.15am at the airport. What does one do when you a full Sunday to spare? Go fishing!

I headed up to the North St. Vrain in Rocky Mountain National Park today to see if I could find some more greenback cutthroats. I heard that there should be a better population further upstream so I headed upstream where the NSV comes down from Thunder Lake. I took a short cut instead taking the route via Calypso Falls and Ouzel Falls and started fishing above the bridge where my short cut meets with the "regular" trail in the proximity of the Aspen Knoll campsite (note to myself: plan an overnighter). 

I started fishing with my Suikei in the shortest position (320) which proved too long for this little brushy, high-running little creek. Thankfully I brought also my Soyokaze 27SR which proved to be a much better choice. I caught plenty of brookies with whatever fly I tossed at them, some were nice sized and some still needed some growing up. Unfortunately, no greenback cutthroat. I think next time I have to hike even higher.

The day started out nice with sunshine that mid morning changed to cloud cover, then drizzle and then early afternoon into a nice soaker. Thankfully no lightning or else I would have packed up way earlier!

nice and really big pool below the bridge
it is getting tighter...

a lot of those guys...
and a few of these guys

this guy thought he could get some of my lunch...