Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tenkara USA Fly Swap V - Western Fly Tenkara Variants

One more fly swap was concluded over at the Tenkara USA Forum, the theme was Western Fly Tenkara Variants. I can't believe this is already the 5th fly swap... The cool thing about those swaps is that I have now a fly box that holds exclusively swap flies. The box is almost full (or has been) since I actually do fish with those flies and as you know, the elusive tree fish, stick fish and rock fish sometimes keep their fair share of flies.

This has been a smaller swap that in the past but I really like the results. All very nicely finished flies and most importantly, very fishy flies. Can't wait to try them at my local creek.

Enjoy & Tight Lines, -K

Pass Lake Wetfly Kebari by Anthony Naples
Glossosoma Caddis Nymph by "albertyi"
Adams Emerger by "aCheateaux"
Hare's Ear Nymph Variant by "aCheateux"
Brassie Sakasa Kebari by "Kuhlow"
Purple Haze by "ERiK"
Snipe & Purple by Ashley Valentine 
RC Sakasa Kebari by yours truly

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Where I grew up, we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving. But we also didn't celebrate Halloween, Veterans Day, Presidents Day etc. We did celebrate Boxing Day, also called St. Stephan's Day, though (Dec. 26th) and others.

Having lived for more than 11 years in the States, I became to appreciate Thanksgiving a lot. It's a holiday focused on family and friends and the things you are thankful for.  

I am thankful for having an awesome, smart and beautiful daughter (who loves to tie flies with me). I am thankful for my beautiful wife that totally gets my fishing obsession and need to get outdoors. More often than not she actually sends me fishing, saying I need a mental health day (I guess I become a crank after a period of no fishing). I am thankful for being healthy, having a job and being able to pay the bills and keep the house warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. And I am thankful for having friends that care about me and who share with me that little obsession called Tenkara. 

And that's it. Enjoy the turkey or tofurky (you know who you are), be merry and be thankful.

Tight Lines, K