Tenkara Equipment you will need to begin - the barebone list:
  • tenkara rod
  • tenkara line: I prefer furled or tapered lines but level lines are also popular. I recommend using lines specifically for tenkara although alternatives will work too
  • a few flies
  • tippet (5x recommended)
Yep, that's it.

"Nice to have's" so that you don't feel too naked fishing:
  • fly box to hold your flies
  • forceps
  • nippers
  • more flies
  • more lines
  • line holder
  • a bag (waist pack, over the shoulder pack etc.) or vest to hold your equipment
  • waders
  • wading boots
  • wading staff
  • water bottle/filter
  • hat (there is a spiffy baseball cap in my shop on
  • sunglasses - polarized!
  • sink putty
  • floatant
  • Swiss army knife
  • sun screen
  • landing net, i.e. a tamo
  • camera, preferably water proof
  • tip grip (to safely collapse stuck segments)
You will want to add more gear if you plan to hike into the back country, prominently a rain/wading jacket, first aid kit, flash light, matches etc. and of course bigger bag to transport all of that.

My stuff - list and pix to follow (work in progress):
  • a few Tenkara rods: 
    • Tenkara USA Iwanas (12ft, 11ft and 9'4"
    • Tenkara USA Ebisu
    • Tenkara USA ITO
    • Tenkara USA Ayu II
    • Daiwa 43MF
    • Daiwa 39MC
    • Daiwa 27SR
    • Daiwa 31SR
    • Suntech Suikei 39
    • Fountainhead Caddis 330

  • a few lines (at last count, I had 25 lines...): 
    • level fluorcarbon lines from Tenkarabum (no. 3 and 4) and Tenkara USA (no. 3.5 and 4.5)
    • hand-tied fluorcarbon lines from Tenkarabum (light 11ft for Iwana 10/11ft, medium 12ft for Iwana, medium 14ft for Ito and heavy 14ft for Amago)
    • Fountainhead Weight Forward furled line
    • Tenkara USA 10.5' furled line
    • Mystic Creek furled line
    • Horse Hair Lines
    • and then some.

  • bags - I have a plethora of bags, a few of them are the Trico Pouch, Ebiras, Patagonia Sling Pack, a few waist packs, backpacks etc.
  • LL Bean Waist High Waders (discontinued) and some Albright Chest High back-up Waders
  • Korkers Chrome Wading Boots
  • oodles of fly boxes (I like to tie flies...)
  • Tenkara USA Tamo (27cm)

  • Ti Net from TrailLite Designs

  • a beautiful wooden hand-carved tenkara fly box from Rick Setina

  • hand-made Wading Staff 
  • Olympus Stylus Tough waterproof camera
  • more stuff to come!