Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Your Tenkara Story" Giveaway

When I recently ordered some of the Oni Tenkara Spools from Japan, I thought I would order some extra for a little giveaway. Now that they have arrived and I was able to use them on-stream (see previous post here), it is time to launch the first Tenkara on the Fly Giveaway and Story Contest.

I will be giving away the following to the winner of this contest:

-          1 pack of two Oni Tenkara Spools
-          1 custom Horse Hair Tenkara Line made to your spec's
-          half a dozen “Tenkara on the Fly” flies (you can pick the patterns from my Fly Box)

Rules: Submit your personal tenkara story, be it how you discovered tenkara, a great tenkara fishing outing or your personal thoughts and take on tenkara. The story must be new and not previously published or posted elsewhere. Should you want to include pictures/video with your story, you can most certainly do so. The winner will be selected by myself; I will try to pick the most captivating, creative and well written story.

All stories submitted that qualify will be published on this blog in the Your Tenkara Stories tab and the winning story will be published as a featured guest post on the Home page.

Your story needs to be submitted by March 31, 2012 to this email address with "Tenkara Story" as subject. Please include your full name and your email address (email will not be published) so that I can get in touch with you. I will try to select the winner and notify him/her within a week or so after the deadline.


One last thing: By submitting your story (or video, pictures, audio etc.) to its publishing on this blog and you agree to the rules of this giveaway. Any off-subject or offensive submissions will be disqualified.

Any questions - please ask and happy writing!

Tight Lines, -K

Oni Tenkara Spool - other items in the picture not included.

loaded Oni Tenkara Spool

rod, chair, desk and carpet not included

Monday, March 5, 2012

Still Winter... and a new gadget

Yesterday I spent a beautiful day on the South Platte fishing with my tenkara buddies Graham of Tenkara Grasshopper and Jason of Tenkara Talk. The fishing was great, the catching not so much. In fact, we all got only one or two nibbles and neither of us could actually hook-up with a trout. Just another typical day of Winter fishing (for me). However, the company was quite excellent.

It is still Winter here on the Front Range, although yesterday was one of those days that signaled that Spring is just around the corner. The daytime temperature was in the high 50ies but the water was still pretty frigid at around 39-40F.

Graham working some good looking water
Graham still smiling despite no trout
Jason watching the end of line intently
I started out with my adaptation of Pat's Rubberlegs in size 10 (yes, not a tenkara fly) but lost it soon along other flies, such as a what was my try at a brown/golden stonefly sakasa kebari, to the elusive rock bottom trout (it must have been a huge one!).

Pat's Rubberlegs
BH Golden Stone Sakasa Kebari
The wind made things a bit challenging at times, the occasional wind gust tugged at the line lifting the entire rig out of the water. However, the heavy 14ft hand-tied line of Tenkarabum performed quite nicely on the Ito. I also wanted to finally fish with my Tenkara USA Ebisu, but unfortunately I did not remember I had it with me until late in the day when we started wrapping-up things. I am getting old. Maybe next time.

One thing that I got to test was a new line spool I received this week from Japan, Jason has a friend who was kind enough to order and send us a batch of Oni Tenkara line spools. In anticipation of trying the spools I removed my current line management system of choice, the Fuji Hook Keepers. The spool is made of fairly hard foam with a plastic "crown" featuring notches where you can place the fly (although Jason prefers to place his fly in the slit of the foam). In any case, the spool, at 65mm diameter is a valid alternative to the Fuji Hook Keepers, although the Fuji Hook Keeper is still my favorite for immediate line storage while moving around on stream because you can wind your line faster and you can store the rod in the Ebira. But the spool definitively looks much cooler. And it's harder to come by, so it's somewhat special.

I will soon have a giveaway for a few spools, so please stay tuned.

River Statistics:
Weather: sunny, some wind gusts
Air Temp: in the mid/high 50ies
Flow: 285cfs, discoloration of water due to some run-off and increased flow/release from Cheesman Reservoir. 
Day on the water in 2012: 3

Fish: 0