Sunday, June 19, 2011


I spent this week in NYC on business where my team is located. Some of you know that I am not a huge fan from the Big Apple (hence I move here 3 years ago), so I am really glad to be back. Although I have to say it was great to see and catch up with some old and new friends. Coming back had some complications, my flight out of Newark yesterday got cancelled and there was no connection until 6.00am today, the air line gave me a voucher which the hotel did not accept. Had to go back to the airport/ticket terminal and get a new voucher. Getting up at 3.00am this morning (that is 1.00am MST!) and flying back through some pretty rough air.

In short, I got home, did some groceries and went fishing to decompress. I hit up BC again, caught up with Jason and his wife Guadi and had some fun. Fishing wise I can't complain, fish were rising to anything I threw at them, no wind, cloudy, not hot, perfect.

Here are a few pictures of the nicer ones, all brown trout but one - that one was a very nice one that jumped the net. 

Tight Lines y'all!

PS - if you live in Colorado, check out the Colorado Tenkara Anglers on Facebook. Good stuff there!