Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A whole new bag, baby!

Ever since I picked up a Tenkara rod, I have been using a fairly old bag from the Gap (yes...) to reduce on the stuff I carry on stream. However, I felt it was still too big and I was looking for a smaller alternative. At some point, I realized that a good old fanny pack (please no jokes!) would be a good alternative. Of course, I couldn't find my old fanny pack that I acquired wayyyyy back and I have since been looking for an appropriate new one.

The other day, I was at Wal Mart and stumbled upon a fairly small waist pack (that's what fanny packs are called now...) at a price I couldn't pass up (below $7). Worst case, i thought, would that I need to return it.

At home, I started moving all my on-stream utensils to the smaller bag:

- leader wallet with fly lines
- fly box (there are some changes being made here too...)
- grease, floatant, sink putty
- license
- camera (new on belt instead of in bag)
- tippet
- hemostats
- clipper
- dry cloth
- water bottle (on belt)
- Swiss Army knife (of course)

I realized the bag is considerably smaller and I had to re-think my setup and what I will be carrying on-stream - in other words, I had to downsize again. The end result is a simpler and more essential approach since I was also able to do away with the lanyard that I was also typically carrying.

I wanted to put all of this to a test last Sunday, but alas, the one day I wanted to go fish I came down with a nasty cold. Maybe this coming Sunday...