Lessons Learned

The below are some random experiences and thoughts, what works/doesn't work and is to be taken with a grain of salt ;-).

Lessons Learned:

  • don't hike with a collapsed rod fully rigged with EZ Keepers in your backpack or similar if the the top sticks out
  • try to always fully collapse the rod, even if it s a bit stuck (use Tenkarabum's Tip-Grip if nothing else works)
  • don't clip your fingernails the day of or before a fishing trip - tying knots and trying to untangle your line is easier with long (and maybe dirty) finger nails
  • when using a net, don't use the rubber bungee cord to attach it to your vest. It really hurts when the tree branch let's go of the net
  • use a wading staff - it's better to have a bit more cargo than float downriver with your waders full of water...
  • .... and use a wading belt, too
  • a "one fly" approach is great unless the fish want "the other fly" you don't have
  • if there is ANY chance of rain and cold, bad weather, bring a rain jacket (and maybe a light fleece), unless you fish close to the car. you would be surprised how quickly you get drenched
  • a water filter bottle is lighter than a bottle full of water that you carry around all day
  • never ever use refular floatant on flies with CDC - unless you intend it to fish sub-surface - forever
  • after a day's fishing, take your tenkara rod apart, clean it of sand and let it dry out. some finishes develop bubbles if left wet/humid over an extended time
  • there is no bad or cold weather, there is only inappropriate clothing. proper layering is key and most importantly, no cotton!
  • use the longest rod you can get away with - or put on stealth mode to get closer to the fish
  • It is OK not to have a knot in the lilian if you are using level lines only, but you NEED a knot in the lilian if you fish traditional lines that attach with a girth hitch to the lilian.