Sunday, December 5, 2010


Yesterday I was browsing Facebook and saw that Fountainhead has a new line of Tenkara rods, the Caddis line of rods.

They offer a 11ft 5:5 and a 12ft 6: model in a beautiful blue finish. But what's the most attractive is the price sticker of $45 and $50 respectively. Also, this is not a 99% carbon rod but 75% carbon and 25% glass (I suppose this is fiber glass).

From Fountainhead's wegsite:
"The composite Fountainhead Caddis Fly Rod series of Tenkara rods are constructed of 75% carbon fiber to provide a slow, full flexing rod .   All rods are finished in a gloss royal blue finish.  Rod handles are made of cork, to provide a secure and comfortable grip.  Each rod comes in a cloth tie bag.  This series of rods provide a very delicate and relaxed feel.  A very fun rod at a great price."

I hope there will be some reviews out soon. I might give it a shot myself, sounds like it could be an awesome backup rod, but most importantly, it should bring more folks to the sport that until now did not want to spend the $130-$160 for other brands (or even a few hundred bucks for Japanese imports). 

AND...: I am not affiliated with Fountainhead nor do I own a Fountainhead rod (yet) nor did I get any compensation in any form from Fountainhead for this blog post.

Tight Lines, -K