Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tenkara Write-Ups

As you know, I do not often re-post other bloggers posts, but in this case I would like to highlight two very well written posts at Casting Around by Anthony Naples and at Troutrageous by guest blogger and close friend Jason Klass of Tenkara Talk.

Enjoy the read!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gear Review: Flying Fisherman SunBandit Rainbow Trout Camo

Did I mention already Lady Luck was generous with me recently? I think I did. This is the latest score through the Outdoor Blooger Network who again randomly (do you believe it?) selected me to review The Flying Fisherman SundBandit in Rainbow Trout Camo. Wow, that's a long name!

The SunBandit Rainbow Trout Camo:

The SunBandit is made of 100% polyester that wicks and absorbs moisture; it is breathable, wind resistant and adds UV protection. I think the last feature is to me the most important one here in Colorado; just like the Sun Gloves that I reviewed the other day the SunBandit provides for much needed protection from the sun. I used it on a recent trip to North Carolina where my brother in law took me out on the water, on the race out to the fishing spot I pulled it over my nose to be able to breathe easier and once arrived, I converted it into a pirate looking thingy under my baseball cap, covering ears and my neck. Here in Colorado, I typically wear it just around my neck or convert it to the pirate cap looking option. There are many additional options how to wear it (i.e. as bandana, face mask, scarf, sweatband, cap etc.), the same way like you can another similar and very popular tubular head wear (you can "google" the different wear options).

I also own the other more popular product on the market and compared, the SunBandit feels lighter and is also a bit less dense woven which makes it more comfortable to wear if it is hot.

The SunBandit retails for $15.95 at The Flying Fisherman.

I received the The Flying Fisherman Sundbandit at no cost from The Flying Fisherman ( I am not affiliated with the company and I did not receive any compensation to review the system. This post represent my personal and honest opinion.