Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Devil

Originally my plan for this weekend was to ski, but the little blizzard that came through yesterday made travel on the Front Range a bit challenging, so I had some time today to spend at my tying vise. Having had a conversation with Graham of Tenkara Grasshopper earlier today about red hooks and how they probably would catch trout without any dressing, I thought I would tie some with at least "a bit" of dressing.

So I tied what I call the Red Devil Sakasa Kebari with one of the red octopus hooks, some black wire and a jungle cock spade feather (thanks Jason!):

And then I rememberd having picked-up some free black octopus hooks of Allen Fly Fishing at the Denver Fly Fishing show, so I had to see how it would look like when I reverse the colors, aka the Black Devil Sakasa Kebari:

I hope to give the duo a workout soon, maybe tomorrow on the Blue after some skiing...

Tight Lines, -K