Saturday, September 25, 2010


I was able to get my hands on an Amago which is at 13'6" the longest Tenkara rod offered by TenkaraUSA. My wife is telling me it's part of my anniversary present - the other part was my solo trip to RMNP, see previous post Heaven. Love my wife!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get out on the water since my trip to RMNP, family and work schedules are crazy and I will be heading for a business trip to NYC for the entire next week.

Anyway, my first impression is that it is compared to the Iwana 12ft noticeably heavier which it is, but not by much: 2.7oz (76.5grams) vs 3.5oz (100grams). I like the slightly longer cork grip that allows to adjust how and where you can hold the rod depending on the situation on the water. It casts nicely on the lawn with a furled lined, but the real test will show Amago's true identity on the water. The cork grip seems to be of good quality with few fillings, bug given the experience I had with the Iwana (some of the cork filling dissolved or became loose) I decided to seal the the cork with cork sealer that I had left from my previous fly rod building projects. The cork sealer is easy to apply with a brush and the cork is afterwards slightly darker, a more dark honey color which I personally like better than the original look of the cork. 

The reason why I added the Amago to my arsenal is that I felt I needed a longer rod for the South Platte which is considerable bigger than the small creeks of RMNP where the Iwana is perfect. Also the trout in the South Platte are somewhat bigger and beefier, depending on the section a 18" fish is average with much bigger fish present.

I might be sneaking out tomorrow for a bit of fishing and will then post my first practical impressions of the Amago.

Stay tuned & Tight Lines, -K

Oh yes, someone else was excited too!


  1. Karel,
    Congratulations on the Amago. I think you will like it a lot. About the cork sealer: can you apply it to handles that are used and a little dirty or do you have to apply it when the cork is new and clean?

  2. Jason, thanks. You can apply the cork sealer anytime but preferably if it is new. For my Iwana, I washed the handle with soap water, filled the wholes, sanded and sealed. The cork sealer penetrates the cork, so you only have to apply one coat (a second coat wouldn't do anything). If you want to seal your cork, just swing by one day in the evening. It dries in 10 minutes.

  3. Greetings from the Northern California Trout blog. Mike over at Troutrageous1 has been beating on me for a year now to start fishing Tenkara, but I've resisted. He'll probably win in the end. I've added you to my blogroll and will stop in as you post. You can find me at:

    Stop by and say Hi, if you get a chance.


  4. Thanks for this write up. The Amago might be my next tenkara rod. I love my 11' Iwana, but I am in need of a longer rod.

  5. Sorry couldn't post about my quick outing on Sunday, had to leave on a business trip to NYC early today. Will be back on Saturday and will then post a more comprehensive report about fishing the Amago. Tight lines, -K