Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick Trip with the Family

Went up with the family and very good friends up to Estes Park last Sunday and Monday. The weather was so-so with drizzle on Sunday but the most beautiful late Fall weather in the mountains.

I was able so squeeze maybe 45 mins to an hour of fishing downtown Estes Park behind the shops on the main drag. This is just after the Big Thompson merges with Fall River. It's really a cute piece of river, tucked away and out of sight. After doing some reconnaissance on Sunday I went back with my Iwana and a size 16 Yellow Sally Ishigaki 

and a size 20 mercury RS2 dropper.

Landed 5 or 6 trout with some more hookups on both the Ishigaka and the RS2, the nicest one was this brown trout.

I guess fishing "downtown" is not that bad after all.

Here are some late season Rocky Mountain National Park impressions:


  1. Beautiful pics.

    I like the looks of that fly.

  2. Thanks Terry. I was pretty excited to start catching fish on traditional tenkara flies (well, modified to somewhat match the hatch). Heading out tomorrow for some more fishing with my Amago on the hunt for bigger fish. Should be an interesting outing and then new post here. Tight Lines!