Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blog Updates

You might have noticed that the site looks a bit different lately and I thought I would provide you a quick update on some of the changes going on here from a visual and content part:

First, I created a logo (yeah!) for Tenkara on the Fly that I incorporated into the title header. The header was also updated with a new background picture with the skin of a juvenice female Grennback Cutthroat caught in Rocky National Park.

Second, I changed the blog template to be more visually appealing and cleaner. It should also load faster on your computer now that the big background picture is gone.

Third, I have added several "pages" with additional information that should help structure the site (Fly Box, Ramblings, Friends & Links, Reviews and Store & Merchandise. If you don't see pages, you might use an old browser version (such as IE6).

Fourth, and this just shameless self promotion, I have added a store at Zazzle with Tenkara on the Fly merchandise. I created some t-shirts, stickers etc. with the new logo, I hope you like what you see. I kept the product options open so you can change them (i.e. type of shirt, color) but if you can't find what you are looking for just let me know and I will upload a new product (contact me through the "Contact Me" page). The store can be accessed with the link above or through the "Store & Merchandise" page.

Fifth, I would like to solicit feedback from my readers, positive or negative (but constructive) how you like the new look and feel as well as what you would like to read more about (or less). I created this blog initially as a vanity project for myself to keep notes about Tenkara, my experience, fishing reports etc. But it seems that based on the traffic I receive that this blog is being read by a lot of folks so I would like to cater to your interests (if possible and within reason).

Thanks for being a reader and let's go catch some fish tenkara style!

Tight Lines!


  1. Karel, I think the look of your site is even better now. I agree with you in that it is easier to navigate and "cleaner looking." The different items layed out nicely at the top of the page is very helpful. I especailly like the fly box section (should have thought about that one for my blog, I'm begining to have too many flies posted that I have to look for). As a person whose profession is scientific research, it is clear and concise....kind of like tenkara.

  2. Karel,
    I like the new look a lot and you have a cool logo! Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks Chris and Jason, appreciate your feedback!

  4. I like it. Clean is good and easy to read. And hey, if someone is still using IE6...that's their fault. Chrome is the way to go!

    One note, update your middle tab/page. It's reading "Links & amp; Friends"...I think the HTML genie messed up that one...or he's a fan of energy drinks.

  5. Thanks Mike. I noticed that the "&" seems to be a problem for blogger. Have seen the same issue on other blogs. I fixed it with a good oldfashioned "and".