Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Fishing Fun

Today I was able to sneak out for a few hours before an early Easter Sunday Dinner with friends. Since I didn't want to venture too far, I thought I would pay another visit to Bear Creek and see how far Spring came along since the last time. We have had some rain overnight but the flows looked good, they haven't spiked.

The plan for today was to test some hand furled hi-vis line in different weights and to practice different presentation techniques as described in the most recent Tenkara USA video, including giving it a serious try fishing subsurface without an indicator (this is a big leap of faith for me).

You wouldn't think it's Spring here on the Front Range, it was a "balmy" 38F when I got to the river around 10am and it didn't warm up to more than 42F by when I left around 2.30pm. It actually even snowed for maybe half an hour while I was fishing. It was a BWO day with, unfortunately, no BWO activity on the water.

The fishing started out very good, fish hitting both my mercury RS2 and Tenkarabum's Killer Kebari. Strikes where easily detectable with the new hi-vis line I made this week, it also cast very nicely, comparable with the T-USA furled line but more visible. I might try to make a wee bit heaver though to improve turnover.

Killer Kebari victim
After having lost a good number of those two flies to trees and snags, I decided to fish with only a Bubble Kebari of Kiwi from the North River blog. At first, I fished it on a dead drift and swing with not much success. In one pool the cast didn't quite go as planned and I retrieved the fly upstream to recast when a fish hit it. I tried it again and another fish hit. Turns out that the fish preferred this fly today twitched upstream. It literally drove them nuts, I had at times 2 or 3 fish chasing it but they missed the fly a lot because of the erratic movement. It was good fun though to observe the fish trying to get the fly.

Bubble Kebari victim
Mercury RS2 victim
patches of green, finally

signs of Spring

I had no idea there were Cuttbows in Bear Creek

Cuttbow "slash"
river "art"
I just love brown trout markings

rainbow's don't understand they have to hold still for a picture...
hi-vis hand-furled line
I headed home early to make it on time for Easter Dinner, with just under two dozen trout caught. It was a cold, but good day.

River Notes:

10.00pm to 2.30pm
Flow: around 17cfs, clear
Weather: gray, low clouds, 38-42F, NO WIND!


  1. Sounds like a very good day. Glad to hear the Killer Kebari worked for you, and Kiwi's bubble kebari is a real winner.

    Another hi-vis convert! (Now if I can just get you to use hi-vis fluoro instead of mono).

  2. Karel, conrgats on such a good day. I always think it's cool to see another angler use one of my flies and have success with it. I actually have your blue poison sakasa kebari's and chris' killer kebari already packed in a small fly box for a trip upstate in a couple of weeks. I plan on fishing both of them pretty hard. That hi-vis line is great, isn't it? I wish I had gotten it last year. Thanks for the post.

  3. @Tenkarabum: Thanks! I have been using your hi-vis level lines, but I just like the tapered furled lines much better from a casting perspective. The reason why I use hi-vis mono is that I wasn't able to find the right hi-vis fc for furling in a store at a reasonable price.

    @Kiwi: Thanks! Good luck, I hope they will work out well. I became a convert this weekend not to only deadrift my flies. This will be a steep learning curve...