Saturday, April 9, 2011

A fist full of Takayama Sakasa Kebaris

I found some more time this week to tie a few Takayama Sakasa Kebaris with floss bodies. I like how the floss shines and shimmers under water and hopefully our finned friends will like that too. Also, I now prefer to tie them off with wire at the hook bend; I think that gives them a nice little touch. 

This batch of flies will go out today or Monday to a special friend as a surprise.

DF Takayama Sakasa Kebarin (Dental Floss...)

Yellow Bee Takayama Sakasa Kebari

Black Takayama Sakasa Kebari

Blue Takayama Sakasa Kebari

Red Takayama Sakasa Kebari

Orange Takayama Sakasa Kebari
Olive Takayama Sakasa Kebari
I will post them later to the Fly Box page with the complete recipe.

Tight Lines and go get out there!


  1. Karel, as always beautiful flies! Well done.

  2. Nice I am going to have start exploring this technique.

  3. Thanks, Chris!
    @Teachrtec - let me know if you have any furhter questions, just shoot me an email through the "contact me" page.