Friday, April 1, 2011

Mini Hoppers

A little while ago I saw some cool mini hopper patterns on Ben's blog Arizona Wanderings (go check it out!!) that I was very intrigued with. Reading through his posts, Ben mentioned that he got inspired by Jason's Klass' video of tying the Balloon Caddis. That post had me also tie some Balloon Caddis last Fall which I fished successfully in the high country. But Ben took this pattern a step further and transformed this European fly (developed by Austrian fly tyer Roman Moser) and transformed it into the Mini Hopper.

To me, this created the perfect hopper pattern for Tenkara, a fly that is not too large but still has the attributes of a hopper, floats well, wiggles, you name it. I am planning to use this fly this Summer, both alone or in a "hopper & dropper" rig. Based on how successful the Balloon Caddis is, I am sure this fly will not disappoint. 

Well, I dropped a line to Ben whether he would be interested in a mini swap; some of my Tenkara flies for his Mini Hopper. Here is what I received in the mail:

Arizona Wanderings' Mini Hoppers - are you ready for Summer?

Aren't those some tasty morsels for hungry trout?

Tight Lines, Karel


  1. They look very nice. Which hook size you suggest? 12?
    thanks, bye.

  2. Davide, they are size 12 and 14. I think 16 would be pushing it with the foam but probably still doable. I like the flies on your blog; have you considered participating in one of our Tenkara fly swaps?

  3. I read something on the tenkarausa blog about the swap, but did'nt understand how it works.
    Shall i send the one/some flies to someone by mail? wich is the address? I have a very nice tenkara fly that a japanese tenakra angler, friend of mine, suggested to me.
    thanks and bye.

  4. Davide - Watch the TenkaraUSA forum for the next swap, then reply on the forum that you want to participate. Once there are 12 or 13 participants, everybody ties 12 flies and sends them to the organizer. The organizer then will return to each participant one fly each.

    Send me your email address through "contact me" and I will send you an email if there is a new swap.

    It would be great to have some international fly tyers in the next swap.