Monday, June 13, 2011

Denver Tenkara Outing

Graham and I have been talking about going Tenkara fishing for a day and decided to invite some friends and to post an invite on the Tenkara USA forum, opening the "event" up to anybody who is interested tagging along. Surprisingly (or maybe not so much), there were quite a few folks that not only wanted to come but also had time to, including some that had no prior experience fishing, fly fishing or Tenkara fishing. Thankfully there were a few "seasoned" Tenkara anglers joining, so we could give instructions to the newbies on a 1:1 basis, equip them with our spare rods, lines and flies.

We had a blast fishing yesteday on a local creek, almost everybody caught fish (Jay - I am sure Graham will work on that with you), the weather was beautiful, almost no wind, insects where hatching all day long and we caught trout on tenkara flies, nymphs, soft hackles and dries. For my part, I think I caught all but one fish on either an Elk Hair Caddis or a CDC PMD.

Group Shot - from left to right: myself, Heather, Jason, Jay, Peter and Graham (kneeling)
Hanging out, getting ready for the action
Jay working a riffle
Jay, Heather & Peter
Peter just before cathing the first fish of the day
Peter with the first fish of the day
Heather and Jay
Looks like Graham is trying to release another tree. He's getting good at it!
Heather landing her first trout. It was a nice little fat brown trout!
Almost perfect conditions and water flow
They are right THERE!
Someone else who enjoyed today
Well, this outing was a success thanks to everybody's positive attitude and willingness to learn something new - and to share.

I am looking forward to the next outing!

Tight Lines, 


  1. Nice post Karel, looks like it was a good time.

  2. Hey guys - I'm always so jealous of you guys out there in CO. Wish I was there with you all!
    -Anthony (Casting Around)

  3. Looks like a great time! Glad to see Pete get onto some fish as well~

  4. Thanks for inviting me Karel. I had an awesome time and it was great meeting everyone!

  5. It was so much fun we'll do it again for sure. And travelling tenkara anglers from out of town are always welcome!