Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tenkara USA Fly Swap V - Western Fly Tenkara Variants

One more fly swap was concluded over at the Tenkara USA Forum, the theme was Western Fly Tenkara Variants. I can't believe this is already the 5th fly swap... The cool thing about those swaps is that I have now a fly box that holds exclusively swap flies. The box is almost full (or has been) since I actually do fish with those flies and as you know, the elusive tree fish, stick fish and rock fish sometimes keep their fair share of flies.

This has been a smaller swap that in the past but I really like the results. All very nicely finished flies and most importantly, very fishy flies. Can't wait to try them at my local creek.

Enjoy & Tight Lines, -K

Pass Lake Wetfly Kebari by Anthony Naples
Glossosoma Caddis Nymph by "albertyi"
Adams Emerger by "aCheateaux"
Hare's Ear Nymph Variant by "aCheateux"
Brassie Sakasa Kebari by "Kuhlow"
Purple Haze by "ERiK"
Snipe & Purple by Ashley Valentine 
RC Sakasa Kebari by yours truly


  1. I need to get in on the next one. It's about time I get serious about tying. Nice lookin flies!

  2. Thanks for posting this Karel. I've been waiting to see the flies from the swap. Love your Royal Coachman Sakasa Kebari! The "Adams Emerger" looks a little familiar:

    I've been kind of lazy and haven't been participating in the swaps but should start. Someday, I'd love to see your fly box dedicated to swap flies.

  3. Nice pics - I should put one set aside for posterity - a veritable who's who and what not...maybe they'll be worth big $$ someday when tenkara has taken over the fly fishing world. You know like having a set of midges and terrestrials from Charlie Fox, Vince Marinaro, Ed Shenk and Ed Koch......or maybe I'll just fish with them.:)

  4. Joel - thanks, if you are a member of the forum, you should see when the next one is being organized. I will also try to remember to let you know.

    Jason - thanks. I can bring the box Tuesday.

    Anthony - I really prefer just to fish the flies. I would be proud to say that I caught this and this trophy with one of your flies!

  5. Nice layout for the flies! I think the tying and quality of flies just keeps getting better with each swap. I look foward to see ing TFS VI.

  6. Nice! So as someone yet to embrace fly tying can any of these patterns be purchased?

  7. Some of those can be purchased I believe or some of the tiers that participated have actually some flies on their blogs for sale. I don't since I don't have that much time to sit down and tie flies for sale. Anthony Naples and Kiwi have blogs and and do sell some of their flies through or directly.