Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Last Saturday we returned from a week-long vacation skiing in the mountains of Colorado and going through the mail, I found a nice thick envelope with my name on it. I knew the sender but wasn't quite sure why I was receiving mail. I suddenly started to sweat; was there a swap I forgot about and didn't send in my flies? I proceeded to open the envelope and found a very nice note from Chris (aka Kiwi from the blog "The North River") with 6 really cool flies. Reading through the note, I suddenly remembered that early December, I suggested a name for a new fly that Chris came up with and, well, my suggestion was picked-up (see blog post here). The "price" was a half dozen of the newly named "The Green Hornet Sakasa Kebari":

The really cool think about this fly that there is some Krystal Flash worked into the forward slanting hackle, giving it some "bling" and "sparkle" that sure will get some fish's attention. 

I am looking forward giving this fly a workout this Spring, I'll bet it will be a winner.

By the way, Chris is actually quite an accomplished fly tier. Last year, he came in 2nd in a fly tying design contest of Montana Fly Company and the Outdoor Blogger Network.

Also, Chris' flies are available for purchase through TenkaraBum here. Give them a shot, they are worth their money.

Tight Lines, -K


  1. Karel, thanks again for the great name and cool post! More importantly, I hope you do well them this coming season. For anyone reading these commments you should check out Karel's "fly box" at the top of the page there are some very cool flies pictured in there. Karel is a master tier of the sakasa kebari.

  2. Congrats Karel. After reading this post do I need to remodel the doors in my house so that you can fit your head in? (DID I SAY THAT?) I do agree those are very cool flies and I look forward to seeing Karel catch a few fish on them. In regards to Karel's fly box I know I want to be at his caliber eventually as do many I am sure. Kiwi is correct on the fact that Karel is a master tier of the sakasa kebari.

    When is your book on tying sakasa kebari coming out Karel?

  3. Kiwi - Thanks, and I am always thrilled to fish some of your flies and the fish seem to like them too.

    Graham - Thanks, but you're a goof, sir. I prefer to fish instead of write...

  4. Those are great flies, After seeing your post here Karel I just had to tie some up. Kiwi, they fished great! I really like the pattern and so did the bows that were after them Sunday. I also tied a few in red and they worked great too.


  5. Hi Paul, I hope (I am sure they will) tickle some our trout's fancy too. Cannot imagine how they couldn't. Looking forward to give them a try soon...