Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Look: new yellow hi-vis Tenkara USA level line

Yesterday evening I received a package from Tenkara USA with their new yellow fluor carbon hi-vis level lines. The color appears to be truly hi-vis and I am looking forward giving them a try on-stream very soon. One of the advertised features is that they have reduced coiling (a typical characteristic of fluor carbon lines) so I was wondering how they look brand new right off the spool. Well they have some coil but they can be straightened-out very easily. I will let you know how the coiling is once stretched and then re-stored on a spool.

More to come once I have fished with them and compared them with Tenkarabum's hi-vis lines. Should be fun!

Tight Lines, -K

PS: don't forget the "Your Tenkara Story" contest, submission deadline is March 31st. 


  1. I have yet to actually purchase a tenkara line. next week might be the date. I've been using the furled line I made myself. It is pretty thick and I know I can have a better experience once I pick something else up. Thanks for sharing!

  2. David - I used to use furled in the beginning but learned
    to appreciate level or hand-tied (see Tenkarabum's site) lines. They are easy to cast, last a long time and are easier to keep off the water.