Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bear Creek April 8 2012

Easter Sunday morning I had a few hours to myself and took the opportunity to head back up to Bear Creek. I considered going to the South Platte up in Deckers but the area was on fire, literally (a small wild fire North of Deckers near Ox Yoke that I believe was extinguished fairly quickly).

Fishing was at first slower than usual, I wasn't quite sure why since the conditions haven't changed much since my last few visits. I started out with a Killer Bug and got some follows and bumps including a very aggressive strike of a rainbow trout but none of them were hooked enough to be landed. I switched to some sakasa kebaris with no interest, so I finally switched to my confidence flies, the CDC & Elk and RS2 dropper but fishing remained still fairly slow.

The first fish to hand was a little brown trout that fell of course for the RS2. Getting hungry, I started wrapping-up things just before 1pm and headed downstream towards the parking lot. Of course I got tempted to make a few casts in some of my favorite spots and was promptly rewarded with 5 more trout of which I landed 4, all within less than half an hour! 4 of them took the RS2 and one eager brown took the CDC & Elk.

 Who says the "one more cast" can't produce?

All said, it was nice to get out and spend some quality time on the river.

River Statistics:
Weather: nice & sunny, little wind
Air Temp: 46 @9am, 64F @1.30pm

Water Temp: n/a
Flow: 20cfs, clear water
Day on the water in 2012: 7
Fish: 13 hooked, landed 5

Equipment: TenkaraUSA Iwana 11ft, Tenkarabum 11ft hand-tied hi-vis fc line of

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  1. They pose very nice in their temporary aquariums.
    Nice photos.