Sunday, May 26, 2013

A few hours in Waterton Canyon

Encouraged by my earlier trip to Waterton Canyon, I headed up there yesterday morning for a few hours of fishing. Again I biked the 6 miles from the parking lot to the uppermost stretch that in my opinion is the best water for tenkara.

The flows were still low at around 63cfs below Strontia, unusual low for this time of year. I remember being up there in the Spring with flows ranging form 600-800cfs which makes the canyon pretty much unfishable.

Anyway, it was a beautiful morning to cast some flies and catch the occasional brown trout on a purple sakasa kebari and watch some Big Horn Sheep hang out on the trail.

Tight Lines my friends!


  1. Buen viaje y buena pesca,felicitaciones...

  2. Very nice trouts! Congratulations Karel!

  3. Great stuff. If the mountain sheep were not enough, the spots on that brown look beautiful.

  4. Looks like it was a nice fishing trip in beautiful country....I'm jealous. Someday I would love to get out to that part of the country.

  5. That looks like a lot of fun. I would like to spend some time outdoors like that right now. Need a break from work. I don't have to fish or do anything in particular, just a bit of hiking and some time spent watching the water would work wonders.

    I am sure that you went back home feeling recharged after that- plus you had some fresh fish to eat.

  6. Wow what a great way to spend your day. Wish i could also spend a day like you. I know i won't get an opportunity like this because i live a concrete jungle