Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back Country Trip

This weekend I had plans to revisit a little spring creek up in the high country and camp out with my friend Phil (since Graham bailed...). After a long drive and hike-in we setup camp and Phil took a little siesta while I took the first crack at some fish. A little over an hour or so later, I had already picked-up 30 brown trout so I went back to check on Phil. He didn't feel too well but I was able to talk him into picking up the rod and fish some.

We continued to catch some spooky yet gullible brown trout on whatever we were throwing at them. Key was to keep a low profile so not to spook them and take advantage of the wind blowing up the valley.

Later in the afternoon, Phil still didn't feel to well so we decided to pack-out; we didn't want to chance a medical emergency off the grid

Still, the during the 5 hours in the valley I was still able to catch 60+ brown trout, with the last one being the biggest - who says one more cast doesn't pay off?

the view from our camp site
camp is setup and I am ready to fish!
can you see our camp?
average fish...
a side channel that holds nice fish...
this little pool was chock full of fish and boiling when we were leaving

last fish of the day, he had a nice little kype going
on our way out of the canyon
still live in the mountains

see you soon!


  1. That's to bad about the camping, but sounds like you had a good day fishing. Like the pictures too.

  2. Man....I have to go west some day! Beautiful scenery and browns.