Sunday, June 19, 2016

I am baaack!


More than a year after moving to the UK I have finally gotten myself out to some fishing today. 

Hold on, moving to the UK? Yes, I have very much neglected updating my blog and much has happened since my last blog post in May 2014. 

Yes, I have fished a bunch, including an epic trip to headwaters of the Rio Grande where I caught some very nice native cutthroat off the beaten track where no car goes. However in early 2015 I received the opportunity to spend a few years in my company's London office and in May 2015 I made it over the pond and call the UK now my new home. Unfortunately, this also meant a lot of busy time at work, taking care of the family, adjusting to the new environment, complaining about the weather, etc. that left me tired and exhausted and there was little energy left to drag myself out to do some fishing. When I visited Colorado for 2 weeks this last March, I met up with some of my old fishing buddies and spent a day fishing on Clear Creek with Graham of Tenkara Grasshopper and Dennis of Tenkara Path. It was just what I needed to get me motivated to finally plan some fishing in the UK. 

Today was father's day here in the UK and while my wife and daughter went to a play date, I decided to finally give the River Wandle a go. It is pretty close to where we live now and used to be heavily polluted but had a tremendous come back the last few years thanks to a lot of river restoration work

I almost got skunked but luckily I caught a little guy, not a trout, I am not even sure what exactly it is other than it is a coarse fish (anything but a trout or salmon). 

Hopefully I will get more lucky next weekend when I will head up to Wales to the Welsh Social Tenkara Day in the Ceiriog river, hosted by the Ceiriog Fishing Club

And in case you are interested to see some pix of the fishing in the head waters of the Rio Grande: 

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