Monday, August 8, 2016


A few weeks back Mark "Toneman" from the UK Tenkara Forum reached out to me and invited me to fish his home river in Somerset, the River Tone and this last weekend it was time to meet-up and fish. 

After a doable 3h drive on a Saturday morning (beware, there are congestions even a at 8am on the highway A303 passing Stonehenge) I arrived at our meet outside Taunton. Mark gave me a very warm welcome, explaining everything I needed to know about the river including history, conditions, surrounding area, angling clubs, you name it. 

We consolidated all our stuff into one car and headed out to the first of many spots we planned to fish. The weather was nice, sunny and warm and the river was, even though there was rain a few days earlier, pretty low. After a few adjustments I started catching grayling right away.

the biggest one of the day!

On Sunday we headed out to another area and the river was very different in nature, more intimate, smaller and full of small spooky wild brown trout. This fishing required the ultimate Ninja stealth approach and I was, even with my A-game on, only able to hook one small brownie with a few more nibbles I couldn't convert. 

Thanks so much for Mark for his warm welcome, hosting me and making this an unforgettable trip to Somerset County! 

Tight Lines, Karel


  1. Good to see you fishing (and blogging) again Karel! Looks like gorgeous water.

  2. P.S. can't wait for you to come back to the states so we can catch more of those amazing grayling at Joe Wright Reservoir

    1. I think that after fishing here for grayling I would be disappointed (again) with JWR...