Sunday, September 22, 2019

Wooden Tenkara Line Spools and Bobbins

I know it has been a while. Sometimes writing just doesn't come easy and inspiration is in short supply.

However, I just returned from another fabulous 10 day trip to Colorado hunting trout in the mountains, hanging with old and new friends, getting inspired and coming up with new ideas. More on the trip later - I promise! - and before I forget, I wanted to share something really neat with you.

My friend Dennis, also an early adopter of Tenkara in Colorado, is besides being a very talented magician also quite talented in the workshop. He gifted me with an updated version of his line spool that I think is not only beautiful, but also appealing to minimalist tenkara anglers. The spool is crafted from teak and features 2 line slots - 1 for your tenkara line and 1 for tippet. Or 2 for different tenkara lines or 2 for different size tippet... you get the drift. Flies are being held here with a spring instead of magnets. The spring holds the flies securely and is set deep enough to not crush flies' hackles.  The spring is a nice touch and reminds of the old style fly boxes where flies were held in place by springs. My version comfortably holds 14 flies and could hold more; enough to keep you busy for a few hours on the water.

Beautiful wooden crafted items for the tenkara enthusiast 
14 flies on the spring, yellow level line and tippet (secured by a rubber band) - all you need to go fish
Enough flies for a couple hours or a full day depending how much you worship the tree gods
Additionally, Dennis is also turning wood spool for tying thread which come extremely handy for those that are lucky enough to have some pearsalls gossamer silk which is on those annoyingly small spools that won't fit a normal sized bobbin. I have now transferred 5 spools of silk to those new beautiful wooden spools and can't wait to use them and tying up some new flies.

Check out Dennis' blog Tenkara Path here and his Etsy shop here. And if you don't follow him on social media, be sure to check him out and follow on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

So, what are you waiting for?

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