Saturday, January 15, 2011

First TenkaraUSA Fly Swap

This week I received the long awaited flies of the very first Tenkara fly swap of the TenkaraUSA forum. I even think this might be a historic event, the very first completed Tenkara fly swap outside Japan. Well, I think it is. If it isn't, well, no big deal. But I think it is.

Anyway, as I said, this week the flies got in and I am excited posting the pix. It is interesting to see how different all these flies are, the size ranges from a size 8 long shank to what I believe to be a size 20. Body materials vary from simple thread bodies to elaborate dubbing and peacock herl bodies and collars. Hackles and hackle sizes also vary greatly, from stiff cock hackles to soft hen and game bird hackles (i.e. partridge or pheasant).

I was thinking that I will keep those flies but then I realized that flies are to be fished with and who knows how effective they could turn out to be in my local waters. Hey, you never know... and since I have the pictures and know who originated the pattern, it wouldn't be too difficult to recreate the pattern later if I would chose so (there are a few that I definitively will add to my arsenal of flies).

A big thanks is going to Erik Ostrander of Salt Lake City who did a great job organizing the swap and keeping everybody focused and on target to complete it. Also, a few of the participants, such as Daniel Galhardo, Founder of TenkaraUSA and Chris Stewart of Tenkarabum, included some additional freebies for everyone participating in the swap - thanks Daniel & Chris!

So, without further delay, here are the flies:

My concoction, the Blue Poison Sakasa Kebari:

Jayfisher - Jack's Reversed Herl Kebari:

Daniel Galhardo:

Kiwi - Ausable Sakasa Kebari:


Mark Cole - Red body/grizzly hackle Sakasa Kebari:

Anthony Naples - Brown Hackle Peacock Sakasa Kebari:

Erik Ostrander (I think I got a bonus fly in addition to the swap fly):

Chris Stewart - Killer Bug Sakasa Kebari:




Goodies from Daniel and Chris:

You might have noticed, I mentioned above first "completed" Tenkara fly swap... there has been another Tenkara fly swap going on that started earlier, but it has not yet been completed, meaning that the organizer of the swap did not yet receive or send out the flies to the participants. I expect that to happen this coming or the week after and I can't wait to post these flies on this blog as well.

On a completely different and personal note, this has been a few very long and anxious weeks for our family with my dad-in-law being in hospital since November with several pretty hard-core surgeries. Well, he is still in the hospital due to new complications showing up almost every other day. The doctors are confident that he will recover but the road will be long. Tonight I will drink to his health with one one of these. Mike - we all hope you will be getting better soon!!!

Tight Lines, -K

PS: This is the year of Tenkara!

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