Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Toys & Apparel

I know I am bit late with this, but sometimes life gets into the way of the fun things. So, Christmas has come and gone and I am a lucky guy to have a very understanding better half that supports my additions, such as Tenkara, by sending me on mental health day fishing trips and putting up with all the fishing stuff in the garage and the feathers, fur, hooks, skins etc. in the basement.

That being said, she also pays attention to what I was saying, blogging and mumbling in the far corner of the basement in front of my tying vise.

So this year, under the Christmas tree, I found a brand new and beautiful Tamo - a Tenkara Net - as well as a nice and soft T-shirt from TenkaraUSA. She even thought of adding an extra enforced net leash to the order.

Next time I will be heading out, I will put the Tamo to the test, hopefully this will be soon since my crankiness is increasing by the day. And yes, the T-Shirt is very soft and comfy.

Tight Lines, -K

PS: This is the Year of Tenkara

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