Friday, February 18, 2011

Micro Sakasa Kebari - O-Sakasa!

This is what happens if your muse stays around a bit; after inspiring me with the Shaggy Caddis Sakasa Kebari for the TenkaraUSA Swap II, I was pondering how to tie a nice looking small or micro Sakasa Kebari. Then it dawned on me.

Initially, I wanted to tie the fly for the swap with an ostrich herl body but at the end I liked the dubbing better. But the ostrich herl got stuck in my head and then I felt like "duh!" - why don't I use the ostrich herl as hackle?

So I went back downstairs to the vise after my daughter went to bed and below is what I came up with. This looks like a feasible adult midge pattern which I am sure fish won't say no to when fished subsurface. I hope I can put them to the test soon.



  1. you may like this...

  2. Whoa! I love those (more than mine...)! Great minds have the same ideas it seems. I have to add your blog to my blog roll so that I don't look like a fool next time I think that I had a great "new" idea.

  3. Great flies guys! Any plans to make dry versions with hackle?

  4. I will try to fish them dry (before they become a subsurface fly...). We'll see how it goes. Maybe a little cdc wing in front or behind the hackle could help make it float I am sure.