Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shaggy Caddis Sakasa Kebari

It's time for another fly swap at TenkaraUSA. This time I felt challenged to mix up things a bit and do a dubbed body instead of a thread body. I also thought a caddis pupa imitation might be something trout would not pass up. I started playing around and here is the result. Not quite as polished as I would have hoped but it should do the job. One thing I struggled with is how to tie off the fly. I dubbed the body from the back to the hackle and realized that I will not only create a band of thread between dubbing and hackle but also potentially change the angle of the hackle and flatten down the thick dubbing body. Attributes I don't really appreciate and which will require some more tinkering. Something I might try is to start dubbing at the hackles and tie off at the hook bend but that wouldn't have worked well with small wire tag I added.

Shaggy Caddis Sakasa Kebari
Hook: TMC 2488 size 12
Thread: UNI thread 6/0, green
Body: Orvis Scud Dubbing, olive
Hackle: Grouse
Tag: x-small wire, green 

Group Picture

Tight Lines!

PS: Did I mention that this is the year of Tenkara?


  1. Another execellent fly! I look forward to holding one in my hands. I have a number of kebari that I have added dubbing to and I faced that same issue you did about where to tie the fly off. The great majority of the time I will tie it off at the back by the bend. I would rather have a few small bands of thread behind the dubbing than mess with the hackle. I feel the hackle is the most important part of the fly and I would not want to interfere with it's movement.

  2. Kiwi - thanks! I hope that at some point I will get skilled and creative as you are. I figured that tying off at the bend would be best but I had already decided on the wire tag. Next few flies will be tied of at the bend if I will use dubbing (which is very likely).