Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well, it's not the big one, the one that got away. It is the number one, the first anniversary of this blog which I started as a diary of my Tenkara exploits thinking that it would be fun to share those with like-minded folks like you.

I would like to thank all my readers and followers for being interested in what I write about, ponder and experience. The growth of readership and total clicks has been, to me, unbelievable. I would have never imagined this many visitors would stop by, read and drop some comments and suggestions.

As of this morning, I had a total clicks of over 39,000, wow.

Looking forward though, I was wondering if I have been leaving anything out that would be of interest to you. Are there any topics or types of posts that I haven't covered or what would you like to see more in the future? More fishing stories, gear review, instructional post, hands-on experience, fly tying....?

I encourage you to leave comments or drop me a note by email (see contact page), I am very curious to see what could grow out of such feedback and make this blog better.

With that, again, I would like to thank you for reading and following my blog and wish you a lot of success on-stream with your Tenkara rod and may our paths cross soon!

Tight Lines,


  1. Karel...Congrats on the first year! I am looking forward to the post with "Two" and beyond. Keep up the good work.

  2. Congrats on the "One"...just keep on doing what you do!


  3. Thanks guys!!!!

    Chris - how did you do with Hurrican Irene? Everything ok?

  4. Still no power. Been that way since Sun. 4am. Mostly damaged and downed trees and power lines (they generally don't do well in hurricane force winds) with some flooding on the south shore. Up in the Hudson Valley (where my folks still are) and the Catskills there was some terrible flooding. Some of my favorite "babbling brooks" truned into ragging rivers that were dangerous to be near. But we're managing, thanks for asking.

  5. Chris - hope power will be stored soon... I remember how Summers are in the NE. The floodings in in the Catskills, Hudson Valley and Vermont are a tragedy, indeed. Nature's forces are no match for us humans.