Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gear Review: Glacier Gloves - Ascencion Bay Gloves

Lady Luck was generous with me recently, I was lucky enough to again score and be randomly selected by the Outdoor Blooger Network to review some cool gear from Glacier Gloves, the Ascencion Bay Glove of the Dr. Shade/Sun Gear line.

These gloves are designed not for the cold Winter months but for the Summer to protect you from the harsh sun rays and are a very smart proposition for anybody who spends time on the water but in particular if you fish the ocean or at high altitude in the mountains. I don't know about you, but if you are like me, I have been burned by the sun too many times on my rod hand, mostly between thumb and the back of the hand so sun gloves have become part of my standard equipment when heading to the stream or lake (as is a light weight long sleeve fishing shirt, a hat and most of the time one of those tubular bandana thingy's - more on that in another review post).

The Gloves:

The gloves are made of ultralight lycra that provides 50+ UPF protection and feature a polyutherane palm. They are very comfortable to wear and even if the palm, due to the coating, feels a bit awkward for the first few minutes you will soon forget that you wear them. They dry quickly, actually sometimes too quickly since they cool down your hands nicely in the heat of the day if they are wet. One of the features I really like about them is that the cuff extends beyond the wrist. In combination with a long sleeve fishing shirt, the cuff extends below (or above) the sleeve and provides continous protection. This became apparent to me since I own another pair of sun gloves from another manufacturer that do not have long cuffs and I have a gap when extending my arm (which I do a lot when Tenkara fishing) which has been annoying me since I bought them (the other gloves). As I mentioned, the polyutherane palm is a bit awkward at first and I do not see a real benefit of it for my type of fishing, but I would imagine that if you spend time on a boat and have to handle other stuff than just a rod and a fish, the additional grip that is provided by the coating will come certainly handy. Unfortunately I do not own a boat so I couldn't really test this feature.

The gloves retail for $22.99 at Glacier Outdoor.

I received the Ascension Bay Gloves at no cost from Glacier Gloves ( I am not affiliated with the company and I did not receive any compensation to review the system. This post represent my personal and honest opinion.

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