Sunday, June 24, 2012

I am still here..

Life has been crazy with work and family schedules and I haven't been able to get out much (actually, not at all) since sometime in May. Hence the absence from the blog, but today I was only able to wet a line for about half an hour during a day trip to RMNP with my family.

We hit the Alluvial Fan area like most visitors, and while my daughter was delighted to be able to play a bit in the ice cold water, I was able to cast to some pocket water (for you concerned parents, my wife was watching our daughter while I was fishing) between the bridge and the falls.

I fished with a black Ishigaki Kebari that somewhat had the body shape of an ant and that was all the resident Greenback Cutthroats needed. I quickly got some hits, landed 4 and missed at least as many. The fly got chewed up badly, I tried to save it with a few hitch knots with the thread around the hook bend but the fish didn't seem to notice. 

This was a much needed "quickie" and reinforcement of my plans to get back to RMNP as soon as my crazy work and family schedules will allow it.

Until then, tight lines.

ain't she pretty?
Days on water: 12


  1. For fish like that, it's worth it!

    And of course, to spend an afternoon in RMNP with your family, it's worth it!

  2. Beautiful photo!! We hear you over at LearnTenkara as we've been extremely busy ourselves. Always nice to read a great trip report though when you can't be on the water yourself! Thanks for sharing!