Friday, July 6, 2012

RMNP 2012 07 03

This was the day I was finally able to get back to my favorite creek in RMNP's Wild Basin. I was waiting for this day more than 6 months... Don't get me wrong, the two previous Sunday's family trips to the Alluvial Falls were great and the 2nd time around, I was able to catch 8 or 9 greenback cutthroat and a brookie (!) in less than an hour, in the midst of tourists. My friend overheard a woman say "... there are no fish in that trickle..." just when I hooked one of those wild colorful jewels. But Wild Basin is my personal fly fishing heaven.

I hoped all day for a Colorado Grand Slam and the first fish of the day was a brown trout so I got all hopeful, but alas, I only got two shots at a rainbow trout and both times the strike was too short.   

the first trout of the day, a brown trout...

... came from the the calm water on the far left.
Moving upstream, I hopped from pool to pool, trying to find water I could get into and fish - the water was a bit high at 80cfs and ripping particularly in the steeper sections. I sure was glad I had my wading staff with my that day. I caught brookies left and right, upstream and downstream. It felt like they were hitting anything that looked like food. I caught so many brookies (I really wanted to catch more greenback cutts) that anytime a brookie took the fly I was a bit disappointed. But by the end of the day I got two greenback cutts and I was a happy camper.

brookie - underwatershot (I need more practice!)

 first greenback
brookie chunk
brookie with orange butt sakasa kebari
greenback no. 2
Overall a great day, lots of willing fish, no other fisherman on the river, what do you need more?

I got home tired but very happy! Can't wait to get back up there soon!

River Statistics:
Weather: sunny, very light breeze, afternoon thunderstorm
Air Temp: 58F @8.30am, high 79F, 67F@5pm

Water Temp: cold!
Flow: around 80cfs
Day on the water in 2012: 14
Fish landed: 1 brown trout, 2 greenback cutts and 52 brook trout
Equipment: Daiwa Soyakaze 31SR, TenkaraUSA old geen fc level #3.5 9.5" with 6" amnesia, various sakasa kebaris only (no nymphs or dry flies!)

Some shots of the creek:


  1. Awesome water. Amazing how there are "... there are no fish in that trickle..." and hey just seem to come out of nowhere.


  2. I love catching fish at the Fan in and amongst the busyness of the hikers and wading children - folks always seem surprised. If that's the stream that I think it is - I always seem to catch many more brookies. Strangely enough the place where I caught cutthroat was the big pool below the waterfall not far from the trailhead. Also caught them in the tributary below the cascades.

    Love that place - thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!

  3. Nice fish in some of our most beautiful waters!

  4. Was that the North Fork St. Vrain? Fished it last year with similar results, using a #16 parachute Adams.

    The Tenkara Ambassador

  5. Thanks guys! Anthony & Ambassador - you know where...

  6. Great report! BTW, I really like the 31SR Soyokaze. It has become one of my favorite rods.


  7. Tom - Thanks & I agree. I hope to do a direct comparison to the Iwana 9'4" soon.

  8. Great trip report, Karel! Love the pictures. And I really liked you valiant attempt at the underwater brookie shot!! :)