Saturday, September 22, 2012

Boulder Creek 2012 09 22

It has been a few weeks since I was able to get out and I feel like I missed already out on some great Fall fishing. Fall is by far my most favorite time of year to be on the water.

Today I got the opportunity to fish Boulder Creek for 3h in the morning and show the Vagabox some fine Colorado fishing. Arriving in the canyon, I started feeling that today would be tough; it was pretty chilly and the water was very low. Indeed, in the first hole, I spooked all the fish before I was even able to cast. Realizing that I needed a more stealthy approach, moved just a bit upstream and hooked a cute little brown on my very first cast.

As turned out, the fish were very cooperative if you didn't spook them. I fished all day with various kebaris from the Vagabox and hooked somewhere around 30 fish. I LOVE FALL FISHING! What surprised me most was not that the fish were taking the kebaris willingly but the number of fish and diversity - I landed 4 different species of trout: brown, rainbow, brook and a cuttbow. Not sure if that qualifies as a Colorado Grandslam but I think it is as close as you can get without catching an actual pure bred cuttie.

I also did today some gear testing, I received a very cool pack from fishpond, the Piney Creek Tech Pack. This was the first time out and it's a pretty cool pack, I will do some more testing (at least one day hike into RMNP is a must) before I will post a comprehensive review.

the Vagabox and diary
the Vagabox hanging out and enjoying Boulder Creek
 look at those spots on this brown!
beautifully marked rainbow
surprise of the day: cuttbow
the gem of the creek, a brookie
looooow water...
... but they are still there and bunched up!
ahh Fall....
bow on a claret spot copper bar and Daiwa Sagiri, the tool of choice today
Get out and fish, Fall is short and Winter will be here soon!

Tight Lines, -K

Days on the water this yer: 27


  1. Karel, thanks for the great report and photos! And thanks for the attitude adjustment as well. Man it was a tough day for me there. Looks like perfect Tenkara water and you proved it by your catch.

    And it was a beautiful Fall day!

  2. Howard - I agree conditions were tough and I think that a "super light weight" tenkara approach will help your catch rate. Let's make plans to introduce you to tenkara soon! Tight lines, -K

  3. I like to fish in the fall too....
    Come on Howard, get a tenkara rod man!

    1. Brian - we'll get him to try tenkara, trust me....

  4. Compared to some of the creeks out here in Nor Cal, that one has plenty of water. Nice day.

    1. Mark - thanks! The water is really low here on the Front Range but its thankfully raining today. Let's hope for a few more rainy days. I hear the peaks in RMNP are already getting some white fluff!

  5. Great trip report!! Love the pictures, too. Way to go, catching 4 species in one day!!

  6. Gorgeous fish Karel. Looks like perfect fall conditions on that little stream. What line are you using on the Sagiri? It seems to be able to cast most anything very well, especially light lines like a 1.5 or a 2 which works very well for skinny water.

    1. Paul - almost perfect conditions if it were not for the low water. I am typically using a no. 3 or 3.5, depending on the manufacturer. I hardly ever feel to go heavier. Haven't fished with a 2 or 1.5 yet, wow, that sounds super ultra light...

    2. Yes super light but the Sagiri will still load nicely with around 16' of 1.5 line. Makes for the most delicate presentation imaginable. Which never hurts in skinny water like that. ;)