Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Ok, so I have a bit of tenkara and fly fishing "swag" that I would like to give away to my blog followers as a "Thank You".

Up for grabs is the following:

a bunch of Tenkara on the Fly stickers
1 Simplyfly sticker (Tenkara on the Fly design)
3 Tenkara Talk stickers by courtesy of Jason Klass
2 Tenkara Guides stickers
1 Custom Furled Tenkara "Eddie" Line (16ft) by courtesy of Tenkara Guides
3 Tenkara-Fishing stickers
3 Tenkara-Fishing foam line spools
2 Tenkara USA patches
2 Tenkara USA sticker (round & rectangular)
1 Hook Fly Fishing sticker
Half a Dozen Kebaris (my confidence flies)

All of the stuff in the picture will be given away randomly to 15 lucky swag winners. Each entry will be assigned an entry a number and I will then use the online random number generator to pick the winners.

But most importantly, here is what you need to do to qualify to enter (all 3 steps):

1. Leave a comment on this blog below and
2. Like Tenkara on the Fly on Facebook and
3. Share the giveaway blog post on Facebook

Bonus: You will receive an additional entry for following the blog through Google Friend Connect (box on the lower right on the front page of the blog).

I will post the winners on this blog post as an update in the evening of October 5th. Please come back and check to see whether you have won. If you see your name, please email me (email will be published with the update of the winners) with your pick of 3 choices of which you will receive one - note that you will receive one square Tenkara on the Fly sticker in any case if you are a winner.  The swag will be allocated on a first come/first serve basis, so whoever emails me back first will have dibs.

Any questions, please ask away in the "comments" below.

Tight Lines, -K

Everybody who commented on this blog post is a winner! You will receive 1 Tenkara on the Fly sticker plus 1 item of the list above.

Winners: please email me at "giveaway at tenkaraonthefly dot net" with a few choices (prioritized) of what swag you are interested in plus your mailing address. I will fill requests on a "first come first serve" basis - whoever replies back first has dibs.

Thanks for participating and tight lines!


  1. Tenkara, catching more fish then the others.

  2. what if you already liked and shared?

  3. Woot for tenkara swag! I already follow you so that's done. ;-) Love the blog!

  4. I could use a another decoration for my locker!

  5. Really interested in trying Tenkara, when I have time from school

  6. Something green maybe to match the color of my pickup?

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  8. I just gave up on fishing with my lightweight spinning rig a few days ago and the concepts of tenkara entered my life. the local streams along Lake Superior would be a great place to try it out. Liking this on Facebook as KetoLupine.

  9. UPDATE: I think my instructions for the giveaway were not super clear, so I updated the blog post that if you want to be entered in the giveaway, all 3 steps must be completed: 1. comment on blog and like on Facebook and share on Facebook.

  10. My husband and I are just getting into Tenkara after fly fishing for years. We love it! But still have a lot to learn. Love the blog.

  11. I'm in!!! :-)

    New to Tenkara but I've fished pretty much every other method over the years.

    Love the blog! I've been reading backwards and am back to July 2011.

  12. Your blog is Awesome Sauce!

    Had my first Tenkara experience last week, you blog was a great resource.

  13. Only real men and women fish Tenkara, We don't need no stinkin' reel!!!!

  14. Free stuff! Love catching fish the tenkara way!

  15. This is a wonderful giveaway, but for those of us who don't have or want a Facebook account your conditions are a bit unfair, I think. Please consider in the future not linking to Facebook. You do have a great blog and it has been a wonderful resource as I am getting into Tenkara. Thank you.

    1. Anonymous - i hear you and earlier this week decided to enter anybody who leaves comment here. That being said, it would be nice to know who you are so that any swag for you doesn't get wasted. Cheers!

  16. Why don't I just walk down and pick it up?

  17. I am the person who posted the anonymous comment above. Thank you for changing the conditions of the giveaway. I certainly appreciate the change and I am sure that others do as well. Please don't change the excellent quality of your blog, however. You have a really winner.

    1. Bryan - thanks. Please email me at "giveaway at tenkaraonthefly dot net" with what swag you would like and your mailing address. -K

  18. Email on its way! Missed the updated entry!